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Cyprus Telecommunication Provider

In 2010 Sideshow undertook the challenge of a complete redesign of the website of PrimeTel, a major telecommunications provider in Cyprus. We reorganized its information architecture in order to give the site a new identity and a new brand look.  This project required multiple integrations with 3rd party and backend services, such as verification of available packages by telephone number, selection of service options and online application, integration with backend user panel, country call & roaming rates and various others. I was involved in information architecture planning, wireframing and overall project management.

In 2011 we introduced the Resellers Section that allows authorized resellers to subscribe users directly from their shops.

In 2012 the website had a visual upgrade along with implementation of the custom tailored Mobile Store section. This task required detailed prototypes and custom implementation to allow existing and new customers to select a mobile phone, a tariff and to proceed with a purchase of a mobile device and a plan online. In this project I was fully responsible for prototyping and project management.

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