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A2 Hosting review - 6 reasons to host with A2

I've been with A2 hosting for several years.  In fact, this Drupal-based site is hosted with A2.  Here is my user review of A2 Hosting and the resons why I would like to recommend A2 hosting to anyone trying to decide where to host their new website or just looking for a good hosting provider to move your existing site to.

1) During the last few months my site had no downtime at all.  Here is the pingdom report I just got for the last month, take a note of 200ms average loading time and zero outages. 



2) This hosting can support several websites with reasonable traffic without problems.  With unlimited storage and databases, you can cover pretty much all you hosting requirements should you need to host multiple websites. 

3) They have blazing fast SSD data servers located in the US, Europe (Amsterdam) and Asia (Singapore) and Europe (Island).  You can choose your location when you sign up.  The closer you are to your clients, the better.  Although in the end of the day its not the location that matters the most, but the speed of hard drives where the site is residing.  SSD drives is the new must have for your personal computers and for your hosting server.  A2 hosting realized it long time ago, so A2 Hosting offers this service.  A few extra dollars a month is totally worth getting an SSD server.

4) A2 hosting has a new pricing scheme that made it cheaper than before.

5) I was very happy with their support.  I used live chat and email communications on several occasions and they were always professional and fast to reply and provide adequate support.

6) There is always some discount for joining them applicable for the first bill.  So if you do get a promo discount, make sure you pay at least for 1 yearto take full advantage of lower price.  Year goes by fast.

The issues:

At some point in the past they were under a heavy DDOS attack and for a week their services were going up and down.  Well, it may happen to anyone.  But as they say, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, so it looks like A2 hosting learned from it and there were no further issues thereafter. 

If you decide to check them out, please use the link here.  You may get some extra discount when you sign up.